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The weak links of successful implementation

Despite excellent ideas and strategies, success is often elusive, whether it is down to the type of success or the time it takes. But success itself is possible. Almost always! There are three "success weak links" that your strategy must master on its way to success. When engulfed in the "Fog" you need to keep a clear head; on the "Battlefield of Complexity" you need to keep your wits about you; and last but not least, you have to be fast, persistant and firm when climbing the "Mountain of Implementation". All this needs to be done while not losing sight of simplicity.


Even when everything is clear (weak link 1) and well planned (weak link 2), many people find it difficult to implement their strategies. This is not surprising because, in general, their strategies revolve around their day-to-day business. What you need is an authoritative, objective viewpoint that actively furthers your advance, coaches the different specialist departments and ensures the use of the appropriate methods. Without this, your implementation path only leads to your goal by pure accident.

You can surmount the difficulties of implementation by consistently enforcing your chosen path when "climbing the Mountain".


There are many different ways of conquering a new strategic position. Current circumstances play a decisive role. It is therefore important to reflect on how you do it, who you take, which resources you need and which path you take. Otherwise, conquering your new position may become subject to pure luck. To implement your strategy you will need to decide which SETOS levers to use (factual, decision-making psychology, organisational etc.) for your implementation politics. You should develop a "battle plan" using a thoroughly elaborated implementation concept.


What you wish to conquer and how it should look, has been clarified by your newly developed strategy. At this point, many people assume that everyone else will automatically know what this means for each department or division. This is not the case! Everyone has their own interpretation of the strategy. The result is a great diversity of puzzle pieces that may look good by themselves but that do not fit together to form a common picture.

It is important to turn this "interpretation fog" into something concrete by developing a clear strategy concept.

„Methodological, process and moderation competence all complement each other excellently.“
Dr Monika Sebold-Bender, Member of the Board, Generali Lebensversicherung AG
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