Hamburg-based EXECUTIVE Consulting was founded by Matthias Kolbusa in 2001. Its objective was, and is, to provide top quality, individualized consulting services in the fields of strategy development and implementation management. Kolbusa’s decision was triggered by his experience working for respected international consulting companies, where his pronounced communicative talent and leadership affinity meant that he was soon given extensive responsibility.
„Be it strategy, implementation or change. The pace is accelerating continuously and the number of abbreviations is expanding daily. Don’t rely on standards or best practices to orientate yourself. Go your own way!"  

Matthias Kolbusa, CEO,
EXECUTIVE Consulting GmbH
In 2007, following the successful development of his company to include a final total of 40 salaried consultants, Matthias Kolbusa found himself facing the same dilemma which had caused him to resign from a post as a salaried partner and found EXECUTIVE Consulting. As the company grew the goal of providing genuine management consulting services solely in the client’s interests was being relegated further and further into the background. The primary goal was to attain an optimum degree of utilisation of the company’s own organisation.
In response to this, and despite the financially excellent development of the business, Kolbusa commenced targeted restructuring of EXECUTIVE Consulting to create a “genuine” management consultancy. The company’s focus was once again placed on providing advice to clients and, instead of salaried consultants, work began on building an outstanding network of consultants. This, combined with a solid financial cushion, resulted in outstanding client relationships unburdened by the pressure of acquisition and allowing honest, authentic, valuable management consulting advice to ensue. In particular this means that, against the backdrop of the competing interests of leadership, change, strategy and productivity, our initial objective is always to understand the following. What is the problem? What different perspectives exist? What are their goals? What are the key factors? We are masters in the art of thought networking and controlling complexity. Our clients are already being delivered a high degree of added value during this phase, before we have even begun to work for them in the literal sense of the word.
This is where we are today and it allows us to pursue our passion for management consulting with all our hearts. We are currently successfully managing clients’ strategy and implementation projects via the EXECUTIVE network made up of over 150 consultants. The numerous consultants and their varied focuses of expertise allow us to efficiently deploy the right skills for each and every project.
Matthias Kolbusa, thanks to his publications and speeches a leading expert in implementation management (www.kolbusa.com), now primarily spends his time developing the EXECUTIVE network of consultants. In addition to the goal- and results-oriented method of working affiliated consultants particularly value the interaction with colleagues and their opportunities for personal development.

„When the task at hand is self-improvement a long hard look in the mirror is required! EXECUTIVE not only provides us with this viewpoint but also excels at crystalizing the decisive issues for the future.“

Michael Petmecky, Member of the Board, SIGNAL IDUNA Group
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