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„When the task at hand is self-improvement a long hard look in the mirror is required! EXECUTIVE not only provides us with this viewpoint but also excels at crystalizing the decisive issues for the future.“
Michael Petmecky, Member of the Board, SIGNAL IDUNA Group
„The speed at which Mr Kolbusa penetrates an issue and arrives at good, often different, approaches is impressive. A truly exceptional consultant who combines strategic competence with a feel for how organisations can be changed."
Nikolaus Behr, Member of the Board, EWE AG
„Strategy Scout is a consistent, highly pragmatic concept for gaining momentum. Highly complex problems are solved quickly without losing the motivation to develop strategy and then backed up by clear implementation concepts.“
Max Schön, Entrepreneur und President of the German National Association of the CLUB OF ROME

„The speed of implementation will become a competitive advantage in itself. Matthias Kolbusa shows how this competitive competence can be developed.“

Achim Berg, CEO Arvato AG
„Strategy Scout is a strategy philosophy that gives confidence. Strategies are not just developed but thoroughly worked out and planned to ensure that the most important aspect –implementation - will actually succeed.“
Prof Dr Burkhard Schwenker, Chairman, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants

„Methodological, process and moderation competence all complement each other excellently.“




Dr Monika Sebold-Bender, Member of the Board, Generali Lebensversicherung AG
„Strategy work is often neglected. When emergencies come up the usual reaction is to call in the consultants and implementation is then difficult. STRATEGY SCOUT changes the process – it becomes focused, effective and sustainable.“
Dr Michael Koppitz, Managing Director, Evonik Services GmbH
„Adapting to an increasingly volatile environment which is constantly changing requires systematic evaluation of trends and scenarios; their drivers and also the wild cards. EXECUTIVE provided us with extremely effective assistance in choosing the right tools to master this complexity.“
Micha Kirchhoff, Head of Corporate Strategy, Robert Bosch GmbH

„Matthias Kolbusa breaks down established patterns of thought."

Rainer von Borstel, Member of the Board, DIEHL Stiftung & Co. KG

„It is impressive how, time and again, you always succeed in quickly identifying any'sore spots.“

Michael Busch, Head of Information Systems, HAMBURGER HAFEN UND LOGISTIK AG
„The decisive implementation levers were quickly identified.“
Jörg Ohlsen, Spokesman of the Board / CEO, EDAG GmbH & Co. KGaA
„To remain competitive in the future it is imperative that you create synergy effects. EXECUTIVE provided an excellent service in helping us track, structure and analyse our "hot spots" and our enormous potential. A synergy roadmap that takes advantage of market opportunities and looks to the future as well as keeping costs under control.“
Andreas Strausfeld, Managing Director, BITMARCK Holding GmbH

„An impressive experience. In three days of "Extreme Strategizing" we accomplished things that previously would have taken over two months.“


Ulrich O. Feik, Managing Director, ASSYSTEM Deutschland GmbH

„A great process! The combination of methodology, moderation skills and dialectic mastery of factual, social and political complexities is fascinating.

The result? Unusual strategies and really good implementation planning.“

Christoph Steffens, CFO, STRATO AG
„The consultants at EXECUTIVE are enabling us to sensitively establish information governance which provides clear guidelines while maintaining regional freedom to innovate.“
Gottfried Egger, CIO, Fritz Dräxlmaier GmbH & Co. KG
„Providing a company with a strategic direction is an intellectual and political challenge. Implementing the strategy, often a major change, requires experience and people skills. I value EXECUTIVE as a true partner and peer in both areas.“
Ulf Heggenberger, Managing Director, EWE TEL GmbH

„Process and leadership competence is usually more important than methodological know-how when it comes to strategy. EXECUTIVE, however, provides me with both!“



Michael Schütze, Regional Director Central Europe, MoneyGram Int.
„The dynamic and skilful methodological support we received from EXECUTIVE made a decisive contribution to identifying the correct route for an underperforming business unit. Sustainable business model options were developed and EXECUTIVE was instrumental in turning passive onlookers into active participants.“
Henry Kohlstruck, Managing Director, Semcon Deutschland

„EXECUTIVE provided an in-depth, cross-company assessment of the market potential of our business operations for the first time. For us, this was an important step to more efficiency and closer customer relations.“


Ulrich Frieling, former Managing Director, HIL Heeresinstandsetzungslogistik GmbH
„EXECUTIVE is assisting us in our quest to become a service provider and turn our network into an enabler for the business world.“
Jens Pape, CTO, XING AG
„EXECUTIVE created a solid foundation for the development of resilient, flexible outsourcing relationships by giving our infrastructure activities a service-oriented structure.“
Karl-Heiz Müller, CIO, HIL Heeresinstandsetzungslogistik GmbH
„EXECUTIVE made a key contribution to the consolidation of our ambitious growth strategy by successfully optimising the process.“
Stefan Bachthaler, former Director, HanseNet Telekommunikation GmbH
„Without the Strategy Camp I would never have been able to develop such a clever strategy so effectively. After two days I had a process specifically tailored to the existing opportunities and was handed the tools and procedures I needed to continue with upcoming workshops.“
Hanns Georg Renz, Member of the Board of Directors, wsp deutschland AG
„The ERGO IT strategy day was a great success. Your lecture and subsequent podium discussion played a significant part in the day's topics and strategies still being talked about at meetings and in ERGO's corridors weeks after the event.“
Dirk Salz, Head of IT Strategy, ITERGO Informationstechnologie GmbH
„EXECUTIVE used the EIDOS method to quickly develop strategically relevant levers with us, thus identifying an approach to solve the problem. During the process they demonstrated excellent leadership and real specialist knowledge. I was particularly impressed by the speed and complete acceptance of the solution by all those involved."
Lothar Hübner, Head of Organisation, FIDUCIA IT AG
„In the competition to attract the best employees (the "war for talents"), speed is of the essence. EXECUTIVE helped us develop a nationwide, professional application management process and was an integral part of its success. This has provided us with a time and cost-efficient recruitment process.“
Robert Viefers, Director Marketing & Communication, YACHT TECCON
„Thanks to EXECUTIVE's tight, effective project management we were able to develop result-oriented structuring and management of complicated, highly complex projects. We now know what the pitfalls of a project are and can deal with them effectively.“
Jochen Wolf, Director of Organisation & Information Management, TOTAL Deutschland GmbH
„EXECUTIVE not only thought through the restructuring of our organisation and system landscape thoroughly but, above all, actively assisted in its implementation thanks to convincing specialist and management competence.“
Andreas Bodczek, CEO, Sponsorpay AG
„It was surprising to find out just how much we needed to clarify and discuss our strategy. The Strategy Bible was perfect for us! In 40 pages we outlined compactly and precisely what needed to change, how and in which division, and how we would work together afterwards. Great!!“
Sven Kowitzke, Member of the Board, S-KON Sales Kontor AG

„What is smart about "Smart Strategizing" is the mixture of standard strategy tools and cognitive science methods. Attractive strategies are thought through in such a way that everyone has the same “picture” in their mind at the end and knows exactly what the strategy involves. An extremely valuable experience.“

Gernot Sagl, former Member of the Board, Beta Systems Software AG
„EXECUTIVE helped us obtain a structured overview and generate transparency with regard to the content-related characteristics of our strategic plans. As a result, all concerned have gained much more confidence in decision-making and been able to develop a joint course of action.“
Stephan Swinka, CEO, TAKKO Holding GmbH
„Successful strategy and change work requires continuous scrutiny of the related issues. It is rare in this context to find a consultant who combines methodological and social competence with a clear entrepreneurial mind-set. EXECUTIVE is a sparring partner for “thinking” and a reliable partner for implementation.“
Damian Schmidt, former Chairman of the Board, STRATO AG
Matthias Kolbusa

Founder, Managing Director and one of the leading strategy and implementation experts.


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