What matters are results –
Tangible and intangible project results

Identifying and implementing success strategies.


  • Successful focusing of an unprofitable business unit on two attractive niches – Profitability was regained after 7 months.
  • Strategic transformation of a business with a core product at the end of its life cycle but accounting for 70% of turnover and 85% of net operating profit. Replacement of the core product with three new product lines in 20 months.
  • Stabilisation of client’s competitive position using "unusual" market development strategy.
  • Identification of clearly “strategically superfluous activities” by means of a strategy assessment. Profitability increased by 6% in 12 months.
  • Ensuring enhanced strategy understanding of 90% of all participating managers within a major corporation. Each manager knew exactly what their piece of the strategy jigsaw was.
  • Successful mastering of a crisis. Previously developed, scenario-specific “strategy modules” were used to maintain profitability during a time of crisis.
  • Mastering of complexity. Seven key levers to successfully keep a business on track were identified within a “tangle” of opportunities, threats and options.
  • Increasing market share from 9% to 12% within 2 years in a very competitive environment. Integral lever: An intelligent product strategy.
  • Meeting shareholder expectations. Successful evaluation and restructuring of six existing business units within 10 months.
  • Shortening of a general strategy-finding process by approx. 70% thanks to “purging” and a “methods diet”.
  • Achieving a target market position by establishing a new understanding of the business structure plus the corresponding adjustment of organisational processes.


  • Increasing innovative capability by changing the client’s understanding of processes and increasing process intelligence.
  • Transforming an entrenched, hierarchical "run-for-cover" culture into a true "momentum" culture. Eliminated the “brakes on momentum” – inertia, fear of mistakes and uncertainty – within 3 years.
  • Developing a strategy implementation concept enabling the client to become market leader; increase profitability and exceed shareholder expectations within 18 months. 
  • Developing and establishing new structures, processes and models of cooperation to achieve pro-active initiation of a transformation into a competitive, high performance organisation characterised by service leadership.
  • Establishing long-term cost optimisation in procurement and sourcing, enabling the client to win back its price leadership position within 14 months.
  • Increasing an organisation’s ability to respond quickly within 9 months by establishing a new cooperation model within the framework of existing organisational structures.
  • Improving a client’s corporate group performance by 7% in 2 years by introducing a group-wide controlling mechanism.
  • Increasing process intelligence to a huge extent. The 22% of work capacity previously wasted was transferred into value adding activities.
  • Developing a successful concept for group synergy effects. Increased the value creation of the participating six sub-groups by an average of 3%; overall group profitability was improved by 5%.
  • Increasing customer loyalty by 30% via focused complexity management for service structuring and processing.
  • Successfully transforming a company by first defining then accompanying a carefully thought-out change policy covering the areas of "reason", "fear" and "opportunities”.
  • Optimising value creation by means of step-by-step activation of a management and steering mechanism to achieve a genuine culture of high performance.
  • Successfully bridging leadership deficits within the scope of implementation of a strategy by taking on leadership responsibilities and providing focused coaching.
  • Creating process transparency plus parallel optimising of the existing KPI model.
„In the competition to attract the best employees (the "war for talents"), speed is of the essence. EXECUTIVE helped us develop a nationwide, professional application management process and was an integral part of its success. This has provided us with a time and cost-efficient recruitment process.“
Robert Viefers, Director Marketing & Communication, YACHT TECCON
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